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Eveline Cosmetics ARGAN & OLIVE Antiwrinkle Night Cream, 1.69fl oz (50ml)

Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics ARGAN & OLIVE Antiwrinkle Night Cream, 1.69fl oz (50ml)

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Argan Oilseries is the innovative anti-wrinkle program developed in Eveline Cosmetics laboratory ensuring spectacular effect of skin rejuvenation. Formulas rich in precious argan oil smooth even deep wrinkles, intensely regenerate and nourish, restoring skin youthful radiance. Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Night Creamintended for daily care of normal, dry and sensitive skin. Innovative formula rich in argan oil, olive oil and bioHYALURON COMPLEXTM intensely moisturises and smoothens epidermis, stimulates skin to renewal, restores natural density of collagen ?bres, ensuring immediate lifting and wrinkles smoothing. Each morning complexion is relaxed, perfectly smooth and full of energy. Comprehensive lifting and anti-wrinkle action:deeply nourished and regenerated skin regains natural tension and ?rmness, facial features are precisely shaped, wrinkles and furrows are visibly reduced and facial contours regain harmonious proportions. Latest generation advanced active ingredients: argan oil, olive oil, bioHyaluron ComplexTM, olive leaves extract, shea butter, natural betaine, vitamin E. Thanks to high concentration of active ingredients with scienti?cally proven e?ect LUXURY OF YOUTH COMPLEXTM technology ensures immediate results. Application:every evening apply the cream onto cleansed face, neck and deacute;colleteacute; skin. Gently massage with ?ngertips. Light formula does not weigh skin down and does not leave greasy coat.

  • OLIVE + bioHyaluron ComplexTM
  • restores and regenerates epidermis
  • fills even deep wrinkles

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