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BioHyaluron 4D Makeup Remover - for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Eveline Cosmetics

BioHyaluron 4D Makeup Remover - for Dry and Sensitive Skin

$ 9.49 $ 12.99
  • 3 in 1
  • thoroughly and gently cleanses
  • removes even waterproof make-up
  • moisturises 24h

100% safe make-up removal for natural and false lashes MICELLAR SOLUTION with triple e?ect: thoroughly and gently cleanses skin from make-up and impurities, removes even waterproof make-up and long-lastingly moisturises. Unique oil-free recipe allows for 100% safe make-up removal of eyes, also with extended or thickened lashes. Micellar solution formula intensely moisturises skin, calms and soothes irritations. Does not injure hydrolipidic ?lm of epidermis. Perfectly replaces cleansing milk and tonic. Perfectly tolerated even by sensitive skin and very sensitive skin around eyes. Rich formula: MICELLES e?ectively remove impurities and make-up from skin surface. bioHYALURON COMPLEXTM rich in hyaluronic acid ensures perfect level of skin hydration. Makes skin immediately regain elasticity and smoothness. PhytoCellTecTM - plant stem cells help maintain skin youthfulness. Laminaria Algae soften, tone and moisturise. D-PANTHENOL AND ALLANTOIN calm and have anti-in?ammatory action.

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