Intensely Regenerating Face Mask with Yellow Bio-clay

mask with yellow bioclay intensely regenerating vital-skin complexTM concentrated formula maximum action biohyaluronic acid for all complexion types, also sensitive and allergy-prone INTENSELY REGENERATING MASK WITH YELLOW BIOCLAY: • deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin • perfectly moisturises • improves firmness and elasticity • smoothens wrinkles • improves skin tone and restores its radiance • soothes and calms HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Yellow bioclay- rich source of iron, perfectly regenerates and oxygenates the skin. Deeply nourishes, reinforces epidermis and improves skin tone. Vital-skin ComplexTM- restores skin radiance. bioHyaluronic acid- ensures long-lasting skin moisture even in deep layers and fills wrinkles. Matrixyl 3000TM- Latest Generation Peptide that significantly improves skin tension and reduces wrinkles intensity. Acacia collagen vitamin E- improve the skin firmness and elasticity. D-panthenol and allantoin- soothes and calms.

  • face mask with yellow bio clay
  • intensely regenerating
  • concentrated formula
  • smoothens wrinkles
  • for all complexion types, also sensitive and allergy-prone