Hyalauron Expert Ultra-Moisturizing Face Cream 30+

Unique revitalizing, highly effective program helps maintain skin youth and beauty. Ultra-moisturizing Day and Night Cream 30 bioHyaluron 4D uses an innovative, long-lasting formula, that helps maintain optimum level of moisturizing, reinforcing the skin cells and protecting them against ageing. SUPER EFFECT 4D - adds a new dimension in moisturizing 3-phase deep moisture in all skin layers long-lasting action 48h bioHYALURONIC ACID Maintains water particles in the deepest layers of epidermis and limits its evaporation from skin surface. Non-invasively smoothens imperfections and fills first wrinkles. AQUAPORINS - anrevelation honoured with the Nobel Prize. Aquaporins play the key role in skin moisture system, considerably delaying processes of wrinkles formation. Aquareviporinreg; innovative formula stimulates the creation of new aquaporin grids - protein channels transporting water inside the cells. bioCOLLAGEN Natural "Protein of Youth". Thanks to triple spiral structure effectively reaches all skin layers and biologically rebuilds collagen fibres. Absorbs and maintains water. bioSHEA BUTTER Perfectly moisturizes, softens skin, calms irritations, regenerates and stimulates cells to struggle with ageing processes. ALLERGENS FREE