Marion Gray Hair Color Shampoo Hair Dye Kit with Aloe and Keratin (2 pack)

53 Coffee Brown
56 Intesive Red
58 Medium Brown
59 Ebony Black
61 Blonde
62 Dark Blonde
63 Chocolate Brown
64 Hazelnut Brown
65 Wine Red
67 Claret
66 Wild Plum
69 Platinum Blonde
91 Copper
92 Titian
93 Pomegranate
94 Ruby
95 Chestnut
96 Mahogany
97 Cherry
98 Burgundy
99 Aubergine

Marion" Hair Color Shampoo is an exceptional and safe product for hair coloring based on direct dyes.

Contains no ammonia or peroxide.

The aloe extract gives your hair a beautiful, vivid color and natural shine. The aloe extract makes easier to comb out and the natural UV blocker protects hair from harmful effects of sunlight.

The color holds on hair for 4 to 8 washes, depending on the dyeing time given in the instruction for use.

CONTENTS Hair color shampoo 40 ml and Gloves