Expert C Youth Activator Anti-Wrinkle Cream 40+

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* Expert C is the intelligent anti-aging treatment of the new generation, based on hybrid fusion of bioactive vitamin C and strong antioxidants, enclosed in one formula
* ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM-SERUM is intended for complex care of the skin over the age of 40.
* Formula rich in 3 BIOACTIVE ANTIOXIDANTS: concentrated vitamin C of the new generation, Lumiskin and Corallina officinalis algae lightens discoloration, reduces fatigue symptoms, illuminates skin, restores its silky smoothness and youthful radiance
* Intensely nourishes, effectively restraining skin aging processes.
* Unique formula, based on TRI-HYBRID VITAMIN C TECHNOLOGY, protects the DNA of skin cells, deeply moisturizes and regenerates.
EXPERT C COMPLEX Ð INTENSELY CONCENTRATED VITAMIN C OF THE NEW GENERATION, stimulates synthesis of collagen fibers, activates youthful cells metabolism, restores radiance to skin, immediately reduces fatigue symptoms and delays skin aging processes. LUMISKIN Ð visibly lightens discoloration and pigmentation spots as well as prevents formation of new ones. Corallina officinalis ALGAE stimulates activity of skin stem cells, rebuilding its density and increasing elasticity.