Art Scenic Professional Stick Concealer

4- Green

ART SCENIC Cover Stick – cosmetic for special task is indispensable here. Thanks to it you can dot the i's and cross the t's” both in the most perfect evening make-up and delicate daily make-up.Eye shades, suffusions, puffiness, crow’s feet, wrinkles and cells – are perfect challenge in difficult art of camouflage.

Art Scenic Cover Stick is a perfect correcting stick for all skin types. Mattifying and correcting skin imperfections, hyperpigmentations, redness and fatigue symptoms. Gives fresh, natural and youthful look to the skin. Long Lasting Effect 24h innovative formula and mineral pigments make the make-up look perfect and glamorous all day long.

The cosmetic formula contains ingredients having beneficial influence on the overall skin condition:
- LANOLIN is a natural ingredient with multidirectional action, regulating water and lipid management of the epidermis, softening and smoothening the skin;
- BEESWAX contains mineral ingredients that perfectly make the skin elastic and soft;
- SQUALANE is a precious natural ingredient moisturizing, reinforcing the natural lipid barrier of the skin, gently greasing it, making elastic and firm. Squalane is also and effective antioxidant protecting lipid structures of the skin against oxidation and free radicals.