BIO Hyaluron Multi Repair Intensely Anti Wrinkle Serum

Multi-repairing anti-wrinkle serum

The smoothing formula of the serum is a proposition for night skin renewal. The use of the cosmetic will make the skin regenerated, moisturized and rejuvenated. It will minimize the signs of aging and even out the color.

The triple-power retinol contained in the serum is a wonderful rejuvenating elixir. It will reduce wrinkles, improve density and firm the skin. Thanks to this formula, discoloration will be minimized and the skin will be optimally moisturized. Ginseng extract and accacia collagen will regenerate damage and shallow wrinkles and furrows. The skin will become brighter and full of energy

Instantly smoothes the complexion

It improves firmness and elasticity

Extremely moisturizes and brightens

It reduces wrinkles and fine lines

It evens out the skin tone

Revitalizes and adds energy

To be used at night Suitable for vegans