Sweet Coconut SET: Shampoo, Hair Mask & Hand Balm

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Sweet Coconut Shampoo for Dry and Thin Hair gently washes without drying the scalp and restores water balance to dry and brittle hair.

  • Coconut water intensely moisturizes the hair and retains moisture deep inside their structure.
  • Passion fruit extract nourishes the hair with useful vitamins and amino acids, improves hair growth, giving volume and healthy look.
  • Macadamia reinforces hair follicles, nourishes, prevents brittleness and cuts, giving vitality.


Sweet Coconut Mask for Dry and Thin Hair is based on natural coconut oil, that intensely moisturizes hair and retains moisture deep inside their structure, as well as macadamia oil that reinforces hair follicle, nourishes, prevents brittleness and cuts, adding vitality and stunning shine.

The mask, thanks to its delicate consistency, spreads easily and facilitates combing, leaving the hair under control, shiny and saturated with exotic coconut aroma.


Sweet Coconut Moisturizing Hand Balm with creamy formula that intensively nourishes, deeply moisturizes and eliminates the unpleasant feeling of dryness and skin irritation. It restores skin elasticity, and also supports regeneration and soften the epidermis. After being absorbed into the skin, the hands are pleasantly soft, without feeling of tightness.

• shea butter (moisturizes & prevents dryness)
• coconut oil (restores silky softness)
• papaya (helps remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins)