Banana Care SET: Shampoo, Hair Mask & Hand Balm

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Banana Care Shampoo for Color Treated and Damaged Hair gently cleanses color treated hair, restoring elasticity and healthy shine, helps to maintain light and saturated color for a long time.

  • Banana water softens and enhances hair texture, restoring healthy shine.
  • Avocado extract reinforces and nourishes weak hair, restores hair structure from the roots to the ends, extends color durability.
  • Papaya extract has nourishing properties, protects hair against dryness and dehydration, prevents the ends from splitting.


Banana Care Mask for Color Treated and Damaged Hair is based on banana extract, that effectively softens and nourishes, as well as avocado extract that creates a protective coat on the hair surface, preventing color fading and leaving healthy shine for a long time.

The mask, thanks to its delicate consistency, spreads easily and facilitates combing, leaving the hair under control, shiny and nourished with delicate banana aroma.



Banana Care Smoothing Hand Balm with creamy formula that provides dry and rough skin with a dose of juicy vitamin nutrition and intensive smoothing.

• mango, lemon & passion fruit extracts (nourishes)
• coconut oil (restores silky softness)
• allantoin (soothes and regenerates)
• shea butter (moisturizes and prevents dryness)