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Eveline Cosmetics Deeply Purifying Face Mask With Green Bio-Clay

Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics Deeply Purifying Face Mask With Green Bio-Clay

$ 5.99

mask with green bioclay deeply purifying fast-mat complexTM concentrated formula maximum action biohyaluronic acid • leaves matt ?nish and re?nes skin pores • reduces signs of fatigue • improves skin condition for normal, combination to oily skin and skin with acne DEEPLY PURIFYING MASK WITH GREEN BIOCLAY: • purifies pores and reduces their visibility • regulates sebum secretion • maximally mattifies the skin • effectively prevents formation of blackheads • perfectly soothes irritations HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Green bioclay- rich in precious microelements, is the most intensively acting clay. Perfectly purifies the skin, unblocks pores and reduces their visibility. Fast-mat ComplexTM- regulates sebum secretion, makes the skin perfectly matt for a long time. Zinc complex- reinforces the skin and influences its healthy appearance. Aloe extract- purifies the skin of toxins, moisturizes and soothes. Antiseptic complex- on the basis of burdock, marigold, lemon, sage and hop natural plant extracts prevents formation of blackheads. D-panthenol and allantoin- soothes and calms.

  • deeply purifying
  • fast-mat complexTM
  • biohyaluronic acid
  • • leaves matt finish and refines skin pores
  • • improves skin condition

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