Foot Therapy Professional 8 in 1 Expert Cream for Cracked Heels

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About the Product
  • Smoothens out tough skin
  • Deeply moisturises
  • Soothes irritation
  • Prevents skin cracking
  • Regenerates cracked heels

Advanced Swiss formula of the cream, enriched with 15% UREA and manuka oil, regenerates cracked heels already after first application. Coconut and argan oils accelerate healing of irritated skin. Sage oil normalises sweat glands. 1. Regenerates cracked heels. 2. Smoothens out tough skin. 3. Deeply moisturises. 4. Accelerates healing. 5. Soothes irritation. 6. Softens skin. 7. Prevents skin cracking. 8. Firms skin. APPLICATION: small amount of the cream rub into cracked, rough foot skin. Leave until absorbed, excess cream rub into with circular movements.