Extra Soft Hand and Nail Cream Concentrate

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Eveline Cosmetics Extra Soft Hand and Nail Cream-Concentrate Instant relief for rough, damaged and chapped hands. Hand and Nail Cream-Concentrate combines a rich Swiss recipe that contains deeply regenerating, moisturizing and soothing properties. First application brings immediate relief and comfort to dry, rough and damaged hands. Helps to stimulate regeneration, restoring skin elasticity while soothing irritations. Easily absorbs into the skin acting as an invisible barrier protecting against negative environmental stress. i.e. low temperature, wind, sun, detergents, chlorinated water. Additionally strengthens nails and softens cuticles leaving hands soft and smooth like never before. This creamy, rich formula is also great for daily care of dry and rough skin on knees and elbows. Ingredients include: 5% urea - providing immediate deep hydration. Ceramides - replenish precious lipids in epidermis, protecting it against negative influence of environmental stress. Avocado oil - prevents water loss in the skin, protecting against dryness. Glycerin - provides immediate, deep hydration. D-panthenol Allantoin - provides soothing properties while intensely moisturizing the skin, stimulating production of healthier looking skin. A, E, F vitamins complex - deeply nourish and regenerate allowing better generation of elasticity in the skin, resulting in smoother texture.