Face Therapy Delicate Two-Phase 8-in-1 Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover

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  • effectively removes waterproof make-up
  • strengthens and protects lashes against loss
  • intensely moisturises skin, soothes irritations


Hydrovance™ complex

Eyebright and cornflower extract


Does not disrupt natural skin pH

for sensitive skin


Gentle biphase eye make-up remover 3in1

effectively removes make-up, also waterproof and

durable, not leaving greasy film on skin. Extremely

gentle formula enriched with plant extracts highly

calms and soothes skin around eyes. Cornflower

extract nourishes and strengthens lashes protecting

against their loss. Unique Hydrovance™ complex

perfectly moisturises, smoothens and firms skin,

leaving it extremely soft and thoroughly cleansed.

Fragrances free – Alcohol free. Lotion does not disrupt

skin natural pH, does not irritate skin and conjunctiva.

Application: Shake the bottle until obtaining

consistent colour. Soak cotton pad with lotion, put on

eyelid and leave for a few seconds. Gently remove