Hyaluron Lip Push-up Plumper Serum

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HYALURON Lip Push-Up Serum is an excellent alternative to invasive injections augmenting lips based on hyaluronic acid. Filling with hyaluronic acid treatments are the most commonly chosen method for augmenting and firming lips. It rebuilds the density of tissues around lips, smoothes out wrinkles, improves shape and contour of lips, immediately gives the lips alluring and seductive look. 5 x voLUMeMaxiMiZeTM breakthrough technology immediately after ap-plication dilates blood vessels and accelerates microcirculation, thus micro-particles of hyaluronic acid immediately penetrate into deep skin layers and fill the loss created over time. The formula rich in aloe extract and vitamin E and C nourishes and softens skin as well as protects it against exposure to uvradiation. Results confirmed in researches: • Already after 5 minutes spectacularly increases lips volume and smoothes out imperfections on lips surface. • After 3 applications lips become fuller, regain clear contour and perfect smoothness. • After 2 weeks wrinkles around lips are smooth, skin is revitalized and re-sistant to action of drying factors.

  • Fuller lips, perfect smoothness
  • Increases lip volume and smooths imperfections
  • Rich in aloe extract and vitamin E and C nourishes and softens skin
  • Protects skin against exposure to uv rays