Laser Therapy Total Lift Wrinkle Filling Face Cream 40+

LASER PRECISIONreg; is the revolutionary anti-wrinkle program that combines effectiveness of advanced active ingredients with latest achievements of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Innovative formulas ensure spectacular rejuvenating effect comparable to professional laser treatment. Lifting Day and Night Creamis intended for daily care of skin after the age of 40. Innovative formula rich in advanced active ingredients acting in synergy with hyaluronic acid intensely moisturises, comprehensively regenerates and nourishes. Perfectly smoothes, firms and properly tightens epidermis shaping facial oval. Regular application makes wrinkles filled from the inside while skin regains appropriate density, resilience and youthful radiance.

  • 1. Long-Lastingly moisturises and smoothes
  • 2. Reduces wrinkles and mimic lines
  • 3. Perfectly tightens and firms