Slim Extreme 4D Scalpel Super-Concentrated Serum Reducing Fatty Tissue


SLIM EXTREME 4D SCALPEL is a breakthrough in the fight against body imperfections.

SCALPEL SHAPE DESIGNER™ revolutionary, patent pending technology, is inspired by one of the latest scientific revelations in the field of subcutaneous fatty tissue metabolism

It imitates the mechanism of transforming the "storing" fatty cells into the "burning" fatty cells, thus activating the process of adipocytes burning during rest, sleep and physical activity.

ULTRA SCIZER SHOCK THERAPY™ - formula based on the synergy of maximally effective active ingredients slimming the abdomen and thighs area. Multiactive formula eliminates local excess of fatty tissue, acts as a slimming belt around the waist and reduces the "breeches" on the thighs.

Warming Formula