Eveline Cosmetics Volume Celebrities Deep Black Mascara (Thickening and Lengthening)

  • Thickening of lashes x10 and curling of lashes by 45* (degrees)
  • Perfect separation of lashes, zero clumps
  • A beautiful, captivating look
  • Natural growth and resistance of lashes
  • Vitality, strength, and elasticity of the whole lashes, starting from the base

The Volume Celebrities Mascara is the first cosmetic* combining the properties of mascara and rebuilding serum. It gives the perfect combination of extreme length, stunning volume, and density of lashes. The exceptionally and perfectly shaped brush precisely separates and lifts lashes, from the base to their tips, does not allow the formation of clumps and sticking of lashes. The result is visible already after the first application, and each next coat of mascara boosts the thickening and elongating power, taking it to the limits! The product contains specially selected caring ingredients: Mineral pigments and natural Carnauba Wax – stimulate the growth of lashes, prevent their breaking and falling out. D-panthenol – rebuilds the lash structure, visibly increasing their density and thickness.