Eveline Royal Caviar Anti Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream SPF10 15ml


Innovative formula of the Luxury Tightening Eye and Eyelid Cream was developed based on breakthrough TECHNOLOGY OF CELLS REGENERATION, inspired by the research on the repair mechanism of damage to skin cells DNA (Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2015). The cream, thanks to optimally selected active ingredients ensures 3-STEP PROCESS OF REGENERATION:

NEO-DNA COMPLEX™ ensures deep repair of damage to DNA and the process of new cell formation.

ROYAL CAVIAR™ and PRODIZIA™ stimulate synthesis and regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers, restoring firmness to skin around eyes and smoothing wrinkles.

BLACK ORCHID EXTRACT nourishes, enhances skin tension and elasticity.

Revolutionary formula als contains: caffeine, pearl micropigments, oils complex and silk extract.

Formula enriched with caffeine enhances the process of microcirculation in epidermis, reducing the impression of swelling and puness. Delicate pearl micropigments subtly illuminate, reducing symptoms of fatigue and lack of sleep. Oils complex and silk extract delicately nourish sensitive areas around eyes.