ExtraSoft SOS Very Dry Skin Hand Cream

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Extra Soft SOS Intensely Regenerating Hand Cream-compress is made with a formula enriched with super-effective ingredients, 5% UREA and LANOLI, that ensure complex regenerating action as well as deep moisturization of dry and rough hand skin.

  • Immediately moisturizes and nourishes hand skin, making them silky smooth just after the application.
  • Light texture makes the cream absorb easily without leaving the feeling of viscosity. Perfect for both night and day use.
  • Immediate rescue for even the most dry, damaged and rough hands
Active Ingredients 
  • Luxury Hands Renewal Complex™, thanks to the unique combination of extremely effective active ingredients, comprehensively regenerates and intensely nourishes hand skin, instantly restoring their softness and elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic acid and 5% UREA deeply and long-lastingly moisturize, firm and give the skin silky smoothness.
  • Glycerine perfectly protects against harmful external factors.
  • D-panthenol and allantoin soothe all symptoms of irritation and reduce redness.
  • Vitamin E stimulates epidermis renewal and makes the hands look younger.
  • Lanolin intensely smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Reinforces hydrolipidic barrier. Effectively reduces skin roughness and dryness as well as soothes irritation symptoms.