FaceMed+ SOS Night Serum Against First Wrinkles

Smoothes the first wrinkles
It intensively revitalizes and smoothes
Reduces signs of fatigue and restores healthy glow
The Facemed + series was developed by Eveline Cosmetics' new technology line, in close collaboration with the dermatologist. Facemed + is an innovative series of face care cosmetics. They are distinguished by exceptionally effective active ingredients and optimal tolerance even for the most sensitive skin - without parabens and alcohol, physiological pH.
Advanced formula with concentrated formula, developed under the supervision of a dermatologist. It offers an excellent combination of high efficiency and optimal tolerance even for sensitive skin. The active ingredient cocktail (12% bioactive vitamin C, concentrated hyaluronic acid) stimulates intensive revitalization of skin cells - instantly smoothes, tightens and restores youthful radiance.
Concentrated power of 5 active plant extracts, intensively smoothes and nourishes, balances skin tone, reduces signs of fatigue and stress.
BIOACTIVE VITAMIN C 12% acts as an antioxidant injection - dramatically revitalizes and slows the aging process. Effectively brightens and restores skin youthful glow. A new generation of Hyaluronic Acid Sulphate activates the mechanisms of youth in the deep layers of the epidermis. It acts as a tissue filler of the first wrinkles, dramatically enhances hydration and restores skin silky smoothness. REVITALIZING AGE CONTROL¨ COMPLEX