Magnetic Nail Lacquer - Star Effect

101 Metallic Purple
102 Metallic Teal Blue
103 Medium Metallic Purple
104 Metallic Chromium Green
105 Metallic Lavender
106 Metallic Silver
107 Metallic Plum
108 Dusty Rose
109 Aqua Blue
110 Metallic Cocoa Mauve
111 Metallic Magenta
112 Metallic Black
113 Creamy Plum
114 Metallic Sage
115 Metallic Spirited Magenta
116 Deep Metallic Purple
117 metallic Blue Pearl
118 Metallic Silver Pearl

A revolutionary new nail lacquer. The Magnetic Nail Lacquer creates attractive nail designs in 18 chic metallic shades.

How to use:

1. Choose any color Magnetic Nail Lacquer and apply a thick layer on your nail.

2. Before the nail lacquer gets dry, hold the magnet over on your nail at a distance of 3mm for approx. 5 sec. with the labeled side on the top.

3. Repeat the same steps for each nail. The specifically formulated nail lacquer makes your nails look attractive and dazzling within seconds with the effect of the magnet creating a fantastic design on your nails.