Hyaluron and Collagen Repairing and Filling Day and Night Cream With Luxury Visage Lift System 50+

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Intensely smooths wrinkles and rebuilds skin structure through deep nourishment and concentrated regeneration. Models facial oval and makes it more flexible by using the synergy of the active substances. Luxury Visage Lift System - Innovative technology ensures spectacular reduction in wrinkles visibility as well as improvement in skin firmness.

  • SPHERICAL HYALURONIC ACID – hyaluronic acid "micro-capsules" act as bio active wrinkle fillers.
  • BLUE COLLAGEN the so-called sea collagen, contains the sequence of nourishing amino acids, effectively regenerates, makes the skin elastic and restores its youthful softness.
  • GENISTEIN rejuvenates, prevents loss of skin firmness and smooths wrinkles.
  • RESVERATROL – one of the strongest antioxidants. Neutralizes harmful effects of free radicals, thus reinforces the natural protective barrier of the epidermis.
  • MATRIXYL MORPHOMICS is the bio-mimetic peptide of the latest generation. Responsible, among others, for vertical wrinkle reduction.