Make-Up Fixer Mist / Setting Spray

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Make-up fixer is an innovative solution that fixes makeup for many hours and makes the skin look refreshed. 

FIXER MIST HD LONG LASTING FORMULA is distinguished by a very light consistency that adheres precisely to the skin, leaving a delicate film, invisible to the naked eye, which protects the make-up against high temperatures or humid air, as well as air pollution. The mist is not alcohol-based, so it does not dry out the skin. 

The Anti-Pollution technology part of the formula perfectly protects the skin against the effects of the external environment, and also prevents cosmetics from darkening under the influence of oxygen or UV rays.


Apply the cosmetic on the face by spraying it from a distance of 20-30 cm. Wait for it to dry. The mist can be used as a fixative directly on makeup or as a form of refreshing it during the day. 

Additional Info
Brand: Eveline Cosmetics
Collection:Fixer Mist