+Med Hardening Nail Serum

The formula of the serum was created with the use of highly nourishing and regenerating ingredients, 80% of which comes from bio-sources! AHA & PHA acids, squalane, vitamin E and bamboo extract make the nails much more durable and resistant to damage. The Swiss treatment provides the plates with effective revitalization, hardens their structure and accelerates their growth. The nail surface becomes regenerated and smoothed, and the nails weakened by the hybrid, acrylic and gel will surprise you with a healthy shine again! Hardening nail serum MED + The treatment will visibly harden the nail plate, nourish it and take care of it. The serum will allow you to enjoy strong and beautiful nails again, even after an acrylic or gel hybrid!

It hardens nails very effectively

It stimulates growth

Cares for a smooth surface

Nourishes and nurtures

For dry nails as well as hybrid, acrylic and gel nails

80% of ingredients obtained from BIO sources

Vegan formula

Swiss recipe