New Zealand 100% Pure & Raw Mustard Honey 250g (8.8oz)

  • Our Mustard Honey is 100% Raw, Unpasteurized, Unprocessed and Unheated. Raw mustard honey comes in solid form and granulated texture, and it will not look like a regular liquid honey
  • AUTHENTIC - Raw Mustard Honey has dark color, naturally granulated smooth texture, and has deliciously rich flavor. It has very strong smell of mustard. From the heart of the Puhoi Valley, North Auckland, our honey is the nature’s recipe for health benefits and general wellness. Our honey is independently certified, and the origin of the honey is verified and authenticated
  • Comes from the nectars of the flowers of mustard plantation (GMO free) from single Puhoi's apiary site from South Auckland New Zealand.
  • Sweet honey flavour with wild herbs flavour and slightly bitter aftertaste of mustard.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - We take a great care of our bees, as they take great care of us. Puhoi Honey is a family owned business, that continues a passion and tradition of working with bees, that stretches back over three generations.