Nail Therapy Professional - Rebuild & Repair Nail Conditioner

Inspired by clinical research, ultra-concentrated formula contains the true richness of beneficial repair ingredients - keratin, silica from the Sea of Japan, vitamins E+F, bamboo extract, nutritional algae.

They provide an extremely strong nutritional, regenerating and strengthening, visibly improving nail condition.

The innovative PowerNail H+K formula acts as a professional rebuilding treatment - it effectively strengthens the structure of the tile, perfectly seals it and stimulates the synthesis of keratin - the most important building material of nails. Inequalities and microcavities are filled, nails are intensively smoothed, they recover a healthy, uniform color and natural glow.

The conditioner permanently eliminates the problem of splitting, breaking and cracking and supports the growth.

Suitable for all types of nails - also extremely damaged and sensitized, as well as a treatment between professional manicure procedures, including a hybrid manicure.


  • Conditioner created for weak, thin and brittle nails, makes nails long and beautiful within 10 days of treatment.
  • Application: every day for 5 days apply one coat of the specimen, then remove applied coats and start the activity again. Apply the treatment regularly to obtain dream and long lasting effect.