NATURABLOOM Hard to Believe 3 In 1 Nail Strengthener and Growth Polish


When it comes to quality natural cosmetics, it's hard to beat a 3-in-1, bio sourced nail care blend like Hard to Believe! Its natural transparent nitrocellulose-based formula provides nourishment and strength for brittle or weakened as well as preventative support for perfectly healthy nails. You choose whether to use it as a top coat, pre-polish base, or a clear nail polish. Best of all, it's guilt-free! 80% Bio sourced, 21-Free, Cruelty-Free & Vegan, Breathable & Halal-Friendly, Mindfully-Packaged

  • THE ULTIMATE 3-IN-1 NATURAL NAIL CARE BLEND - Hard to Believe is a nail treatment, pre-polish base, & nail polish top coat in a single natural & clear nail polish strengthening formula.

  • YOUR NAILS, BUT NATURALLY STRONGER & STAIN-FREE - Thanks to the rejuvenating AHA in our base and top coat nail polish blend, your nails get back to optimal hardness & elasticity while the rest of the ingredients shield you from stains.

  • LOCKED IN COLOR FOR A LASTING MANICURE - As a nail polish top coat, 'Hard to Believe' features a patented twofold glossy plasticizer technology which protects your nail polish from chipping.

  • BREATHABLE & HALAL-FRIENDLY - Breathable nail growth and strengthener options don't just protect your nails from damaging oils, but let you wash them thoroughly without damaging the clear top coat nail varnish, or the polish & nail underneath!

  • HAPPY EARTH, HAPPY YOU - Our top coat nail polish & other products feature recycled plastic caps, bio sourced ingredients & a cruelty-free, 21-Free, vegan formula. You're happy, and so is the world around you.