AquaHybrid Rich Regenerating Night Serum Gel

New AquaHybridª
Gel Formula
Any Skin Type, Also Sensitive
Rich Regenerating Serum-Gel Night
Effect Of Sleep
Aquaxyltm + Energisomeª Q10 + Shea Butter
Rich Night Serum-Gel is dedicated for daily care of any skin type, also dry and sensitive. Innovative hydrogel formula, rich in advanced active ingredients, intensely moisturizes and restores skin during the sleep.
Tri-Hyaluron 24h System rich in three different, bioactive forms of new generation 100% hyaluronic acid, long-lastingly moisturises and smoothes. Hydrofusion Complex wraps the face like an invisible mask, protecting skin against water loss and intensifying the action of concentrated active ingredients. Thanks to it already after the first night complexion looks fresh, relaxed and visibly smoother Ð like after 8h of deep, restful sleep.
Advanced Technology Of Moisturizing Molecules
Concentrated active ingredients:
Aquaxylª increases synthesis of hyaluronic acid in skin, intensely smoothes it and ensures active protection against overdryness 24h.
Tri-Hyaluron 24h Systemª contains three different, bioactive forms of new generation 100% hyaluronic acid. Perfectly and long-lastingly moisturizes, makes elastic and reinforces skin hydrolipidic barrier.
Energisomeª Q10 is the molecular source of cellular energy necessary for skin regeneration. Improves oxygenation and actively stimulates cells night repair.
Shea Butter perfectly softens, moisturizes and smoothes.
Application: every evening apply the serum-gel onto cleansed face, neck and dŽcolletŽ skin, gently rub into.