Revelash Concentrated Serum Stimulating Lashes Growth

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Concentrated Lash Growth Stimulating Serum is the most technologically advanced product in the history of Eveline Cosmetics brand. Regular application of the product ensures professional effect of thickening, lengthening and maximum reinforcement of lashes.

Active Ingredientsof the Serum:

BIMATOPROSTiscurrently considered to beone of the most effective compoundsstimulating lash growth, extends the phase ofactive hair growth.

BIOTINOYL TRIPEPTIDEintenselyreinforceslash fibers and follicles, increases the synthesisof keratinocytes, thus effectivelyconditionshair, making it strong and silky.

POMEGRANATE EXTRACTdeeply moisturizes,nourishes and rebuilds lashes, reinforces andprotects their color.