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Readical Strengthening and Regenerating Conditioner


Readical Strengthening and Regenerating Conditioner

$ 14.99

Extremely effective preparation for damaged and falling out hair, hair that is dry and brittle and needs intensive regeneration and strengthening. Specially developed, rich formula - natural horsetail extract, provitamin B5, silk proteins, inulin from chicory - provides intensive regeneration and strengthens the hair, as well as perfectly moisturizes and nourishes it, restoring vitality, silky smooth and a beautiful healthy look. Through regular use of Radicalreg; conditioner the hair becomes stronger, more resistant to damage and splitting, as well as full of vitality and shine.

  • Conditioner formulated for damaged and brittle hair prone to falling out.
  • Natural horsetail extract to strengthen hair shaft.
  • Provides intense regeneration and hydration to hair.

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