Royal Snail Concentrated Lifting Day and Night Cream 50+

Royal Snail exclusive series combines the exceptional regeneration potential of snail slime filtrate and PEP-7REPAI the latest generation haptapeptide, stimulates physiological processes of skin regeneration, ensuring intense increase in its firmness and elasticity as well as global rejuvenation effect.

  • Snail slime filtrate combined with active soy isoflavones reduces visibility of wrinkles and furrows, intensely smoothes the skin, ensuring increase in its tension and elasticity
  • PEP-7REPAI innovative heptapeptide stimulates the proper course of regeneration processes, thus the skin becomes firmer, nourished and smooth.
  • RIGIN biomimetic peptides complex creates on the skin the tightening and lifting microgrid, increasing the clearness of facial features.