Slim Extreme 4D Clinic Slimming Activator Dermo Cellulite Reductor

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Product for overcoming cellulite in the most critical areas. Atomizer ensures handy and precise application in the places affected with the most advanced cellulite. Based on Microsomal PRO Clinic System™ advanced technology using the mechanism of advanced microtransmitters, immediately penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, intensely reducing orange peel visibility.

Warming formula additionally stimulates immediate penetration of the advanced active ingredients: Inteslim™ and Lcarnitine.

  • Warming Formula
  • Ensures targeted firming and modelling action 
  • Supports subcutaneous fatty tissue burning
  • Reduces the risk of cellulite recurrence 
  • Ideal as an overnight shock treatment
  • Recommended especially as a fat burning activator before workout