NATURABLOOM Breathable Nail Polish


In today's world, it's not enough to simply follow fashion trends. Practicing conscious & mindful lifestyle habits is fundamental to a healthy beauty regime. That's why we provide you with 66% biologically sourced, breathable, vegan & Halal nail polish options that merge quality & mindfulness in one. With a PIR plastic cap and convenient glass bottle packaging, we strive to do our part in reducing the impact of cosmetics on the world at large. When you choose NATURABLOOM, you choose uncompromising luxury without the chemicals and guilt.

  • PREMIUM NATURAL SHINE & COLOR - Soft Cotton is a truly outstanding nail polish white that trumps clear nail varnish in its ability to stand out, or to blend in as a premium nude nail polish option.
  • IMPROVED NAIL ELASTICITY & STRENGTH - Thanks to the ability of our natural nail polish to let nails breathe, pesky oils don't get trapped underneath, & your nails don't suffer the usual destruction.
  • QUICK TO DRY, NOT QUICK TO CHIP - Breathable nail varnish means quicker dry times and no flaking, so your nail polish nude subtlety doesn't degrade until you want it to.
  • BREATHABLE & HALAL-FRIENDLY - Breathable vegan nail polish doesn't just protect your nails from damage, but allows water and air to flow through it without damaging the nail varnish in any way!
  • MINDFUL LUXURY AT ITS FINEST - Our 66% biologically-sourced nail varnish & non toxic nail polish options provide nail polish pastel colors of top-tier quality in glass bottles with PIR Plastic caps for minimal impact & maximum style, convenience and pleasure.