No more rushing with your nails still wet! Green Drop Dry is our revolutionary natural nail polish drying blend! A single drop and just two minutes of your time, before you're off to more important things! Best of all, it's guilt-free! 99% Bio sourced, 21-Free, Cruelty-Free & Vegan, Mindfully-Packaged
  • NEVER WAIT ON MANICURES AGAIN - No need for quick dry nail polish! Any nail polish benefits from our quick dry top coat! A single drop and a minute's time, and your manicure is dry!
  • PROTECT YOUR NAILS WITH SLICK INVISIBLE SHIELD - The clear & glossy shield formed by our clear nail polish quick dry formula makes sure your nail varnish doesn't chip or fade before you decide it's time.
  • INSTANTLY NOURISH & SOOTHE YOUR NAILS & CUTICLES - The quick dry top coat nail polish enhancing properties of Green Drop Dry go beyond by deeply nourishing your nails & cuticles too!
  • SOOTHING, STRESS-REDUCING APPLICATION - Once a drop of the natural quick dry nail polish coating is on, gently massaging it into the surface of your nails provides meditative & gentle stress relief.
  • HAPPY EARTH, HAPPY YOU - Our nail polish quick dry drops & other products feature recycled plastic caps, bio sourced ingredients & a cruelty-free, 21-Free, vegan formula. You're happy, and so is the world around you.