NATURABLOOM Miracle Nail Elixir Nail Repair Nail Oil

The NATURABLOOM Miracle Nail Elixir is a 6-Oil 99% natural powerhouse for damaged nails. By infusing your nail with wholesome nutrition, the elixir revitalizes the resources your body needs to keep your nails smooth & strong. It can help repair old nail damage, so brittle and peeling nails never plague you again. Best of all, it's guilt-free! 99% Bio sourced, 21-Free, Cruelty-Free & Vegan, Mindfully-Packaged
  • DEEPLY REPLENISH YOUR VITAL NUTRIENT RESERVES - Nourishment is the heart of great health. Our nail strengthener treatment replenishes your reserves & provides deep support for optimal nail functions.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR NAILS NATURALLY - The nail growth treatment, nail hardener and strengthener professional results of our 6-oil blend are panel tested to provide lasting nail strengthening without the chemicals.
  • EFFORTLESSLY REPAIR PAST NAIL DAMAGE - А single drop of nail strengthener and growth polish on each nail provides nail repair treatment leading to smooth, brittle-free. healthy, vital & luxurious nails.
  • 99% NATURAL 6 OIL BLEND - 99% Coconut, Kukui, European Nut, Baobab, Sweet Almond & Passion Fruit oils from around the world, our nail strengthener and growth formula taps into the power of nature to better your life.
  • HAPPY EARTH, HAPPY YOU - Our top coat nail polish & other products feature recycled plastic caps, bio sourced ingredients & a cruelty-free, 21-Free, vegan formula. You're happy, and so is the world around you.