Juicy Kisses Chocolate Passion Lip Balm-Butter

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Extremely aromatic and juicy lip balm-butter effectively regenerates and nourishes the lips, leaving the feeling of moisturization and comfort.

Formula of the balm, enriched with lanolin, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E has intense repair, moisturizing and protective properties. Prevents premature skin aging, enhances its softness and restores elasticity.

Tropical scent  pampers the senses, making the application of the balm a great pleasure.     


Intensely fruity lip balm with COCOA and ORANGE BUTTERis the delightful lip cosmetic with the unique rich formula, comprising also:

  • lip softening lanolin
  • protective beeswax
  • vitamin E
  • BIO coconut oiland sunflower oil
  • shea butter and aloe vera butter.

Regenerating and nourishing lip balm highlights their beauty with fresh, delicious glow. Ensures softness, immediate moisturization and juicy fruit nourishment. It may be used independently or after application of the lip scrub, to bring out the natural beauty and give the lips a juicy brilliance. 

Contains ingredients of natural origin and is free of parabens and silicone.