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Thickening and separating mascara, So Black Intensive black ink will separate and thicken the hair. Its caring formula will moisturize and smooth eyelashes, giving them exceptional volume!

Excellent quality mascara will thicken and separate the eyelashes. It is intended for all types of eyelashes! Its caring formula contains Senegalese acacia resin extract, rice wax and carnauba wax, which will ensure deep hydration and smoothing. A unique silicone hourglass-shaped brush with different lengths of bristles will ensure perfect results on your eyelashes. The high durability of the formula will make the mascara last for a long time! No crushing or smudging! The intense black of the mascara will mysteriously deepen your gaze. Give your eyelashes a phenomenal volume!

Designed for all types of eyelashes

Silicone brush

Perfectly separates

Provides a visible increase in volume

Light formula

Intense black color

It contains active ingredients that care for your eyelashes