Total Action 9 in 1 Toe Nail Treatment

Mechanical damages and also chemical treatments cause furrows and micro damages of nails, also such, that cannot be seen directly.

Micro damages of nails worsen their condition and also make the color nail polish less durable.

9IN1 TOTAL ACTION CONDITIONER contains the unique concentrated multi-nourishing complex: keratin, vitamins A+E+F, sea minerals and calcium proteins. The formula reconstructs the nail plate, extremely smoothing it and filling micro damages. Creates protective layer on the nail plate and resists mechanical damages. Visibly improves the nails look, brightens and illuminates the nail plate.


Immediately beautiful and flawless looking nails. Yellowness is reduced, unevenness filled. Improvement of nails condition – rebuilding, elastic and perfectly protected against external factors.

Application: as conditioner – apply once a week two layers of conditioner directly onto cleansed nail plate. As a nail polish foundation – apply one layer directly onto cleansed nail plate.