Super-Dry Top Coat 5 in 1 Polish Dryer


Want to have express-dry nail polish and glossy nails like from a beauty salon?

Don’t have time for hardening treatments that require intervals in manicure?


Super-Dry HD™ innovative multi-functional technology

1) effectively hardens and smooths the nail plate 2) significantly accelerates nail polish drying

3) provides long-lasting protection against micro-damage and chipping

4) ensures spectacular visual e­ffect - HYBRID DESIGN™ super-mirror gloss

5) moisturizes and cares the nail plate.

Thanks to the special polymer formula with UV filters the nails remain extremely hard, protected (mechanical damage, water, detergents, etc.), smooth and delightfully shiny for up to 10 days. Carefully developed composition of active ingredients contains sweet almonds nourishing oil, which additionally cares and firms brittle, thin nail plate. Used promptly after application of the nail polish, the preparation accelerates its drying. 100% vegan.

Application: wait 1-2 minutes after application of the nail polish, apply 1 coat. Nails willdry in less than a minute. May be used at any time onto dry nail polish. One drop is enough to perfectly harden, smooth and shine the nails.