Nail Therapy Total Action 8 In 1 Intensive Nail Treatment and Conditioner for Sensitive Nails

Nail strengthener and care, designed for damaged and brittle nails

Stimulates the growth of nail plate

Protects against cracking, braking and splitting

Specifically designed and perfect for sensitive nails and cuticles

Restores nail's smooth surface with Active Strong Nail ™ complex

Revolutionary formula with active Strong Nail ™ complex that penetrates nail structure, effectively regenerating and reconstructing it. Tightens, maximally hardens and stimulates the growth of nail plate. Improves flexibility making nails more resistant to mechanical injuries. Protects against cracking, braking and splitting. Helps to restore smooth surface and gloss shine to damaged and matt nails. As soon as after 10 days of treatment, all your problems will disappear and you will enjoy beautiful and healthy nails. Intensive treatment designed for damaged and brittle nails, also for weak nail plate care after nail tips removal.