+Med Overnight Nail Mask

Night mask for nails MED + The night mask is a concentrated serum for damaged nails, weakened by a hybrid, acrylic or gel. The conditioner visibly improves the condition of the nail, hardens, moisturizes and nourishes the nail plate! The night mask is an excellent treatment for damaged nails. Its Swiss recipe contains biotin, horsetail extract, organic sulfur and hydroxypropyl chitosan (HPCH). The modern formula cares for the hydration and nourishment of the nail plate. Visibly reduces its brittleness, prevents splitting and breaking. Makes nails harder and in much better condition! The mask works perfectly as a conditioner for nails weakened by acrylic, hybrid and gel manicure!

Moisturizes and nourishes nails

Cures the plate

It inhibits split ends

Treatment for the night

For nails weakened after the hybrid of acrylic and gel

98% of the ingredients are of natural origin

Swiss recipe